Rule violations

Infractions in the game will be penalised with a penalty. These are pronounced exclusively by the Ultimate or Head Marshal. A distinction is made between minor and major infringements.

Time penalty: A time-limited ban from the field of play for minor offences.

Daily ban: A 24-hour ban from the pitch for multiple minor offences.

The player is not allowed to participate in the game or to be on the pitch for the specified period of time.

The player's player card is confiscated for the duration of the time penalty. The player's card can be collected at the Organising Committee's information desk at the end of the time penalty. The player will be escorted to the exit point by a marshal. The penalty may also affect the next match day.

Event ban: A ban from the event site issued within the framework of the house rules.

It is only issued in the case of dangerous, serious violations of the regulations of the UBG. It can only be imposed by the organiser or its authorised representative. The representatives of the organiser on the field of play are the Ultimate- and Headmarshal. The person banned from the event has to leave the event area within 2 hours. In case of injury/endangerment of own and/or other persons and/or damage/destruction of material, buildings, vehicles and/or similar things, the causer alone is liable. In the event of an expulsion as a result of an event ban, any accident insurance cover provided by the event insurance shall expire immediately. The player card will be confiscated and returned to the owner when the player leaves the premises. The event wristband of the person concerned will be confiscated and cancelled. In the event of an event ban, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude the person concerned from future events and/or other events of the Organiser and/or to prohibit him/her from participating.

List of penalties

Wiping, bonus balling, dead man's walk: 1h time penalty.

Strange paint: 1st time 2h time penalty, 2nd time daily ban

Hotgun: 1st warning, 2nd time 2h time penalty

Smoke grenade despite ban (e.g. danger of forest fire): Daily ban

Assaulting other participants, marshals,

Orga, traders: Event ban Willful firing at photographers: Event ban

Intentional shooting of drones: Event ban


Intentional shooting at the wind turbines: Day ban