08.05. - 12.05.2024


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Welcome to united biggame

We are the United BigGame Mahlwinkel - and we have big plans with you!

The Airfield Mahlwinkel is a legendary paintball area. We a union of paintball players have decided that it must remain so. Exciting games and a united paintball community are important to us. The United BigGame welcomes everyone who wants to experience paintball as it should be - be it scenario and MagFed players, casual players or tournament players. Beside the scenario games there is the big market place where you can buy what you forgot or still need from various big paintball exhibitors, also various caterers are present who will soothe the cranky stomach and also the dry throat before and after the game. In the evening between the stage show you will be heated up by DJs and a live band. In between there will be various small acts like field walk, camp ride, chili contest, sniper tournament, pistol tournament and the legendary party bus. 

Of course, a paintball event must always offer something new. The constant improvement of the BigGame experience is a duty for us. This means, for example, that the playing field is always expanded before each event and not just with new covers, but entire newly refurbished playing areas.

Thus, the playing field is richer by two new hotspots;

in addition to the ongoing new development of the loading area, we have built a settlement on the command bunkers. Furthermore, the village "Downtown" has been created, which is not yet completely finished but will certainly experience many exciting battles in the future.

We have also expanded our range of paintball games. Beside the main event and the speedball field on the tradeshow -which was already very well received last year! we offer in addition to the sniper contest and pistol tournament also in cooperation with Paintballsports a 3vs3 tournament. 

But that's not all! 

because we also work to promote the new generation, we have offered for the first time in 2023 a Kids Paintball for all between 12 and 17 years, which was received after astonishment even better than expected, so that we have to expect 2024 with at least double the number of participants.

And for those who want to party in the evening, our marketplace where all exhibitors, caterers, DJ ́s, live bands, strip & go go shows will create the evening program is just right.

We wish you all a great paintball festival!