Playing at the UBG with an off-roader? No problem!
The UBG owns its own vehicles, but players are also allowed to bring their own and use them in the game! And of course there are two free tickets per vehicle!

Of course, these must be registered in advance and meet certain requirements, for example:
-there must be no dangerous spots on the vehicle (sharp edges or similar)
-All vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
-there must be clearly visible team identification all around, e.g. speed camera or flag(s)
-The vehicle must be able to be "switched off", be it with a buzzer for the speed camera or the possibility to remove the flag from its holder (tip: 50cm steel cable on the flag prevents total loss).
-Drivers must be sober (sorry, there is no other way!)
-The drivers and vehicles are assigned and commanded by the game management.

Vehicle registration here: