Hello world!

We are the United BigGame Mahlwinkel - and we have big plans for you!
The Airfield Mahlwinkel is a legendary paintball area. We - an association of paintball players - have decided that it has to stay that way. Exciting games and a united paintball community are important to us. The United BigGame welcomes everyone who wants to experience paintball as it should be - be it scenario and MagFed players, casual players or tournament players.

The preparations have been going on for quite some time. A limited liability company has been founded, a contract for the field lease has already been negotiated with the terrain operator and we have started to buy event material such as compressors, filling stations, etc.

Of course, a paintball event always has to offer something new. The constant improvement of the BigGame experience is a duty for us. This means, for example, that the playing field is always expanded before each event and not just with new covers, but entire newly refurbished playing areas. In fact, we have already transported the first building materials to Mahlwinkel, including 5 wooden houses. Four new vehicles for lots of action on the field have also been procured, some will soon be converted into paintball tanks, and more are in the pipeline!
Of course, we will also have a tradeshow with catering, traders, stage and beer wagon, because after the game comes the party!

And: of course we already have schedules!
Our first event - "UBG Mahlwinkel Revival" - will take place from 1 October - 3 October 2021. Tickets here are limited to 500!
Over Ascension Day 2022 - i.e. from 26.5. - 29.5. 2022 - our "UBG Paintballfestival" will take place, since of course there is no ticket limit!

But... what if an event can't take place because of Corona? Don't worry, if the event is cancelled we will of course refund the fees already paid, guaranteed! All proceeds from tickets and upgrades will go into a separate account (a so-called "escrow account", which is managed by a lawyer), which will not be touched until the event - so your paid fees are 100% safe!
We will keep you updated on Facebook and via newsletter and also answer any questions you may have.
See you in Mahlwinkel!